Mediterranean diseases

Mediterranean diseases

We are in the middle of summer and the need of vacation is felt? How about a little trip to the South, Italy and its parmesan cheese or France and its reblochon cheese (yes... I love cheese... 🤤🐶)?

So yes, BUT, before you left, did you ask about the possible afflictions your dog could get in these regions?

Dr. Capozzi from the veterinary office of La Fonderie informs us about two of them:

In the Mediterranean countries, there are two vector-borne (= transmitted by an insect) diseases that are very dangerous for your dog's life: filariasis or heartworm disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, and leishmaniasis transmitted by phlebotomines or sand flies.

In preparation for your trip, it is important to prevent the bites of these two insects by using a repellent product in the form of a pipette or a collar.

When you return from your vacation, it is important to treat your dog with an appropriate dewormer to eliminate any filaria larvae.

Indeed, for heartworms, the first symptoms, coughing and respiratory difficulties, can sometimes appear only after several months and therefore when the infestation is relatively advanced and difficult to treat.

For leishmaniasis, symptoms such as skin problems, weight loss or apathy can, as for filariasis, occur several months (or even years) later. It is also important to know that this affliction is transmissible to humans, but it mainly affects people with a weak immune system.

These two diseases can be detected early, thanks to various tests and samples. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian for more information.