Travel check-list

Hey friend, how many times your masters forgot to take your favorite blanket or even your medication!? Well with my checklist no more risk! And to make it even more practical, it is also available in PDF right here!

  • Sufficient water
  • Sufficient kibbles
  • Treats (personally I love cheese 😊)
  • Bowl and bottle travel
  • Medicines if your dog is on treatment
  • Various medications (against diarrhea, travel sickness, etc.)
  • First aid kit (tick clamp, disinfectant, etc.)
  • Favorite Toys
  • Towel to wipe it off (for example for a rainy day or because your dog loves to go in the water 😉)
  • Cooling vest or mat during summer
  • Harness or / and collar depending on the type of activity planned
  • Leash or / and lanyard depending on the type of activity planned
  • GPS if it has one AND its charger
  • Poop bags (yes, think about nature! 😊)
  • Car transport cage / safety harness
  • Life jacket for aquatic activities
  • Blanket / basket
  • Shampoo and comb
  • Dog clothing according to its breed and expected temperatures
  • Sunscreen according to the breed of your dog
  • In case of emergencies, note the addresses of veterinarians who are on your route (Prevention is better than cure! 😊)

Tip: It is always useful for your dog to have a medal with your phone number (with your country code) in the event of a runaway

Are you going abroad?

  • Take his passport
  • Remember, wearing the chip and registering on the AMICUS database are mandatory
  • Check that your RC is also valid in the country of destination
  • Find out about compulsory vaccines (in principle the rules are the same in the EU but it is better to check with the competent authorities in each country)
  • Find out about the legislation of the country of destination; for example, the wearing of muzzles is compulsory (especially on public transport) or the conditions of transport by car (cage or net are compulsory depending on the country)
  • Your dog is on the list of so-called dangerous dogs, is it allowed in the country of your destination?

Are you going abroad?

Also to think about ...

  • You sleep at the hotel, are dogs allowed?
  • Find out if the chosen destination is "dogfriendly" (hotels, activities, transport, etc.).
  • For Switzerland, find all this information on our DFS map right here!
  • Check that the deworming has been done according to your veterinarian's prescription
  • Depending on the places / countries of destination and times of the year, treat it against parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes)


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