Realized donations

dogfriendly swiss thinks of all our friends who are less fortunate and supports swiss non-profit organizations related to dogs.

A part of our membership fees is donated to one of them every year!

Discover these associations below.

Realized donations

SPA Valais (Open in a new window)

SPA Valais

2021 in a couple of numbers :

  • more than 45 years of existence
  • more than 350 animals rescued, including about 80 dogs
  • more than 260 animals found a new home, including 60 dogs
  • more than 450'000 CHF of charges (11 collaborators, veterinary, exploitation and food costs)

For example, a dog staying one year in the shelter costs an average of 9'000.00 CHF per year (assuming that it does not arrive with serious health problems).

What is the SPA Valais?

The SPA (society for the protection of animals) Valais is an association recognized as being of public utility, as it actively collaborates with the cantonal veterinary office. They collaborate in particular during animal rescues or interventions related to mistreatment.

This association exists since 1975 but under the name of Ligue Valaisanne pour la protection des animaux (LVPA). It was located in Sion and was called "Le refuge cantonal". It is only in 1991 that the shelter moved to Ardon and became the SPA Valais.

Its main goal is to take care of and welcome abandoned, distressed or sequestered animals, in order to place them in a new family. The staff and volunteers work 365 days a year to give them a new chance to be happy.

The actions of the SPA Valais are numerous:

  • to help animals in suffering,
  • to prosecute the authors of mistreatment,
  • centralize all administrative information concerning abandoned or lost animals,
  • to help the owners to find their animal,
  • to support people without resources for the temporary care of their animals,
  • prevent abandonment and mistreatment by communicating regularly on the need to treat animals with kindness (animal rights, campaigns against abandonment).

It also offers other services than taking care of abandoned animals and their adoptions:

All of these services, as well as government support, contribute to their income, but the majority is provided by the generosity of its members and the public.

How can you support them?

  • Make a donation :
    • By bank transfer: SPA Valais, Av. du Pont de la Roua, 1957 Ardon, CH28 0076 5001 0200 6511 0
    • By Twint by scanning the QR code
    • By will (legacy)

As a reminder, the SPA Valais is recognized as a public utility, your donations are tax deductible.

  • Become a member by paying an annual fee (CHF 70.- per year)
  • You can sponsor an animal. Many animals cannot be placed for various reasons. They will live the rest of their lives in the shelter.
  • Be a volunteer (to walk dogs or during a campaign)
  • It is also possible to make a donation in kind (e.g. food, toys, accessories), but it is advisable to call them to agree on what they need.