Terms and conditions

1. Preamble

This document contains the general conditions of dogfriendly swiss for the following areas:

  • Membership of dogfriendly swiss member structures
  • Dissemination of advertising on the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch
  • Use of the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch

This document was written in French and then translated into German, Italian and English. In the event of a possible discrepancy between the French version of the general conditions and another linguistic version, the original French text shall prevail. The German, Italian and English translations are provided for information only and have no legal value.

2. Membership conditions

2.1 Scope

These terms and conditions apply to all dogfriendly swiss memberships or renewals.

Dogfriendly swiss reserves the right to modify these general conditions. The version valid at the time of subscription or renewal of subscription applies. It cannot be changed unilaterally for the current annual subscription.

2.2 Potential member structures dogfriendly swiss

Potential member structures are hotels, BnB, campsites, groomers, dog stores and dogwash, activity providers and restaurants, based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. To claim to become a member, the structures must imperatively accept dogs or offer services for dogs. Any other type of establishment or service provider in relation to dogs, even if it has not been mentioned previously, can apply for membership via the contact form on the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch or directly by email at info@dogfriendlyswiss.ch. The dogfriendly swiss company reserves the right to refuse a membership request if it considers that it does not correspond to the objectives or the guideline of its website, or if the integration of a non-standard structure generates a website development cost too high.

Invoices, letters and stickers are only sent to addresses in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

2.3 Benefits for dogfriendly swiss member structures

  • The member structures are put forward to some 500,000 dog owners in Switzerland and thousands of tourists with dogs.
  • The member structures are accessing a new clientele who until now hesitated to move to certain places or to travel with their pet because of the many strangers and the stress that this could cause.
  • The website www.dogfrienlyswiss.ch does not take any commission on reservations or purchases. Its design encourages customers to make direct contact with member structures.
  • The website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch is a platform created and managed in Switzerland, translated into the 3 national languages and in English and therefore reaches a large number of future potential customers for member structures.
  • A sticker is sent each year to all member structures. It helps to attract the attention of customers and passers-by and to highlight the "dogfriendly" conditions of member structures.
  • When they wish, member structures have the possibility of offering free special offers for visitors to the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch and thus put themselves even more forward. These special offers will also be posted on the site newsletter and dogfriendly swiss social networks.
  • The 10% of the amount of the annual contributions of member structures is donated to a Swiss non-profit association in relation to dogs. In addition to benefiting from the many other advantages mentioned above, the member structures are doing a good deed.
  • The termination of dogfriendly swiss membership is automatic and takes place without notice. Just do not pay the annual membership fee.

2.4 Annual subscription

A structure becomes a dogfriendly swiss member by paying an annual subscription. The value of the amount of the latter is communicated directly by the company dogfriendly swiss to potential structures which request it.

The annual membership fee covers a calendar year, which means until December 31 of the current year. The amount for the first year of membership will therefore be calculated on a pro rata basis. The following years the membership fee will be due in full, except if other arrangements are made.

The renewal of the subscription for an additional year is made directly by paying the invoice for the annual membership fee. In the event of non-payment of this invoice, an email or a reminder letter will be sent to the member structures concerned. If no payment is made thereafter, this is then considered a termination of membership, and the structure loses its membership

The dogfriendly swiss company can decide to increase the amount of its annual contributions, if it considers this necessary and justified. The increase will be known by the member structures, at the latest on receipt of the invoice for the following year. If some member structures disagree with this increase, they just have to not pay the bill. Their membership of dogfriendly swiss will then end.

2.5 Registration process

If a structure wishes to know the prices or to register, it can directly make a request via the contact form on the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch or directly by email at info@dogfriendlyswiss.ch.

During a new membership, the future member structure will fill out one of the forms available on the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch, in which it will mention all the dog services offered (the minimum service being that dogs are allowed), any other services offered for their customers, as well as a brief description of its structure. She can also send some photos if she wishes. This information will be used by dogfriendly swiss in order to highlight the member structure on the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch as well as on its newsletter and social networks. Any other use of this data is prohibited without the agreement of the member structure concerned.

2.6 Responsibilities of member structures and dogfriendly swiss

The member structures undertake to spontaneously transmit any modification of the services initially communicated via the form filled out during registration.

Dogfriendly swiss undertakes to update the data of member structures promptly after receipt of information.

Dogfriendly swiss accepts no liability for errors in content and translations. No compensation can be claimed. The member structures are invited to check that their data on the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch are correct and, if not, to transmit any comments or corrections to be made.

Dogfriendly swiss declines all responsibility in the event of a dispute between the member structure and its client, who would have used the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch, regardless of the reason. No compensation can be claimed.

2.7 Termination of membership

No announcement is necessary. Non-payment of the annual membership fee results in the end of the affiliation of the member structure concerned.

2.8 Dogfriendly swiss sticker

Each member structure receives an annual sticker. On the latter is the dogfriendly swiss logo, the website QR code, the website address and the year of membership. This sticker is sent with the invoice for the annual membership fee. If the invoice is not paid and so the membership is not renewed, the member structure undertakes to dispose of the sticker received.

Any member structure can receive one or more additional stickers, against payment, if it so requests.

2.9 Donations made by dogfriendly swiss

Dogfriendly swiss undertakes to donate 10% of the total amount received for annual membership fees to Swiss non-profit associations dealing with dogs. The identity of the associations will be mentioned on the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch, as well as on its newsletter.

2.10 Confidentiality and data protection

The provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act must be observed by the member structure and dogfriendly swiss when processing data.

3. Conditions for the dissemination of advertising on the website

3.1 Scope

These general conditions define the conditions for the dissemination of an advertising banner on the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch. They specify the obligations of dogfriendly swiss and the partner concerned, as well as their reciprocal commitments.

Dogfriendly swiss reserves the right to modify these general conditions. The version valid at the time of payment for the distribution of the advertising banner applies. It cannot be changed unilaterally for the current advertising broadcast.

3.2 Description of the advertising banner

The formats accepted, the dimensions and the location of the banner will be specified by dogfriendly swiss to interested partners.

The advertising banner will in principle be created and transmitted to dogfriendly swiss by the partner. The intellectual property of the advertising banner remains in the hands of the partner. If the advertisement contains text, the partner must provide 4 banner versions: a French version, a German version, an Italian version and an English version. On request of the partner, dogfriendly swiss can take care of the creation of the advertising banner. All related costs will be billed back to the partner.

This advertisement will necessarily be linked to the partner or to its products or services, and may not relate to another company, or include the products or services of a third party. In addition, dogfriendly swiss reserves the right to refuse any advertising deemed contrary to good morals, harmful to the image of its brand or unrelated to its website.

3.3 Date of posting of the advertising banner and duration

The partner and dogfriendly swiss will agree in advance a date and time for the posting of the banner and also an end date. As soon as the latter is reached, the obligations of each will end.

3.4 Obligations of dogfriendly swiss

Dogfriendly swiss undertakes to:

  • Include the advertising banner on its website on the scheduled date. If the banner is created by the partner, it must conform to what has been previously agreed.
  • Put online any updates to the banner provided by the partner, as soon as possible.
  • Communicate each month to the partner, if the latter so requests, the statistics of visits to the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch allowing its visibility to be checked. These statistics will be established by Google Analytics and will include at least the number of visitors to the page (s) where the banner is located and the number of clicks on the banner.
  • Make every effort to guarantee the reliability and good performance of its website and therefore a high availability rate.

3.5 Partner's obligations

The partner agrees to:

  • Send the advertisement to dogfriendly swiss in the requested format at least two weeks before the scheduled date for its posting.
  • Take sole responsibility for the content of the advertisement and any damage that may result from its use or display.
  • Make sure that their advertisement is up to date and therefore that any products / services offered or prices mentioned correspond to reality.
  • Pay the agreed sum to dogfriendly swiss within the time limits.

3.6 Termination of the broadcast agreement

The partner can ask dogfriendly swiss to withdraw their advertising banner at any time. However, the broadcast agreement cannot be terminated by the partner and no refund can be claimed. Dogfriendly swiss may decide at any time to request a modification of the advertising banner or to terminate the agreement if it considers that the banner provided is contrary to morality or harmful to the image of its brand.

3.7 Confidentiality and data protection

The partner and dogfriendly swiss undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all information related to the advertising agreement (details of the agreement, price, etc.). This obligation to maintain secrecy remains valid for five years following the withdrawal of the advertising banner.

The provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act must be observed by the partner and dogfriendly swiss when processing data.

3.8 Responsibility

If the advertising banner is not displayed on the dogfriendly swiss site on the agreed dates, the partner may then claim compensation, in proportion to the length of time the banner has not been displayed. The amount of compensation may in no case exceed the amount initially paid by the partner. The following reasons are exceptions: technical problem or hacking without proven negligence on the part of dogfriendly swiss, force majeure, banner that does not comply with the criteria mentioned in its description (chapter 3.2), banner sent out of time by the partner. For the cases mentioned above, the partner will not be able to claim any compensation.

However, if a breakdown or an accumulation of breakdowns should last more than a day in total, the partner is entitled to claim at least one of the following two compensations:

a.  Free extension of the contract for a period equal to the downtime of the website.

b.  Reimbursement of part of the amount paid in advance, in proportion to the total duration of the failure.

4. Conditions of use of the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch

4.1 Scope

These general conditions apply to the use of the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch.

4.2 Use of the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch

All the elements of the www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch site are protected by legislation on intellectual property and in particular by that relating to copyright. The reproduction, transmission, modification or use for public or commercial purposes of the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch are subject to the prior written authorization of dogfriendly swiss.

Dogfriendly swiss maintains its website attaching importance to the quality and security of the information it contains. In addition, dogfriendly swiss takes all measures reasonably possible to ensure the proper functioning of its website. However, dogfriendly swiss cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information, images, documents, links to other websites, translations, software and other data contained therein. Furthermore, system failures such as interruptions, virus attacks or data loss cannot be ruled out.

Dogfriendly swiss reserves the right to supplement, modify or delete its website as well as the information published there at any time and without prior notice.

4.3 Use of cookies

Cookies are used to improve the services provided to you. Some are essential for the operation of the site, others are used to improve its performance and / or your user experience.

The saving of cookies can be deactivated in your browser preferences. Please note that if you do not allow the storage of cookies, some features and pages will not behave correctly.

To delete a cookie from your computer, follow the instructions in your internet browser's online help.

4.4 Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances, particularly in the event of incorrect information on its website, dogfriendly swiss can not be held liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the consultation, exploration, use or inability to use his website. If errors are found, site users or dogfriendly swiss members are cordially invited to inform dogfriendly swiss via the contact form on the website or directly by email to info@dogfriendlyswiss.ch.

4.5 Data protection

Access to the pages of the website www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch are recorded for statistical purposes, which results in feedback on the behavior of users of the site. These statistics are collected completely anonymously.

The dogfriendly swiss site uses Google Analytics to analyze the site's audience. Click here for more information on the privacy rules for the use of Google Analytics.

When dogfriendly swiss receives personal information via its website which also requires a personal reaction (such as questions or orders by e-mail), the corresponding personal data is neither evaluated nor reused or transmitted for other purposes.

4.6 Links to other websites

Dogfriendly swiss has no influence on the information accessible via external links leading to other websites and therefore rejects any liability for third party websites.

4.7 Use of the logo or images from the site www.dogfriendlyswiss.ch

If a third party wishes to use the dogfriendly swiss logo, texts, photos or illustrations on the website, he must first contact dogfriendly swiss at info@dogfriendlyswiss.ch in order to make a request. Any use of these elements without the prior authorization of dogfriendly swiss is strictly prohibited under penalty of civil or criminal prosecution.

5. Safeguard clause

Based on the assumption that one of the provisions of these general conditions would be considered void according to a legal or regulatory provision or a competent court decision, this provision would be considered unwritten, all other provisions remaining binding.

6. Jurisdiction

For any dispute concerning the execution or non-execution of these general conditions, the jurisdiction of Saxon prevails.