Agility is an activity coming from England that consists of completing an itinerary with several obstacles such as hurdles, tunnels, slaloms, etc..

Depending on your dog's speed, you are relatively solicited because you have to follow him (without doing the exercises) during the course in order to motivate and guide him.

So if you are an active person and you want to strengthen your bond with your dog, this activity is for you.

This activity will allow him to exercise physically but also to stimulate him mentally.
In order to have a good foundation and to avoid any mistakes that could be difficult to correct, it is advised to start this activity with the help of a professional dog trainer.

Afterwards, you will also have the opportunity to participate in official competitions.


This activity is suitable for all breeds as long as your dog is in good health. However, be careful with bigger dogs as they can quickly suffer from joint problems. It is also not recommended for dogs that have not finished growing up to practice agility, or at least you should avoid making them do jumping obstacles.


  • Agility obstacles (tunnel, hurdle, slalom poles, swing, ramp, etc.).
  • Treats that your dog particularly likes (personally I love cheese! 😊)
  • Patience of course and a positive attitude towards your four-legged friend.

Regarding the obstacles, it is true that these can be relatively expensive, therefore in a first step you can very well create them yourself. For example, for a jumping obstacle, a broom placed on two piles of books will do very well. Or for a slalom obstacle, you can place several bottles one behind the other.


  • In a canine club
  • During introductory courses given by canine educators
  • In your garden (once you have learned the basics with a professional)
  • In your living room (depending on the size of your living room, you can practice one or more obstacles, once you have learned the basics with a professional.)


All year round depending on weather conditions

In summary?

  • Obstacle course with and without jumps
  • Relatively sporty activity for you as well
  • Not recommended for dogs that have not finished growing and for big dogs.
  • Opportunity to participate in official competitions


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