Concept & advantages


Do you have an establishment (hotel/BnB/camping/restaurant) or a "dogfriendly" activity? Or, are you in the dog business (groomer, dog store owner, pet photographer, etc.)?

dogfriendly swiss offers to support you in your communication! Are you looking for a new public or do you simply want to boost your visibility through our website?  Let us promote your business to the 450,000 or so dog owners in Switzerland and to the thousands of foreign tourists travelling with their 4-legged companion.

Our website is in 4 languages (German, French, Italian and English) for an optimal visibility in Switzerland but also abroad. In addition, other interesting information and animations will be regularly published on it but also on our social networks and newsletter.

Last but not least, we are passionate people surrounded by professionals who will do everything possible to enhance the value of your structure!


  • Your member structure will be highlighted compared to non-members on our map.
  • We will create a detailed page of your structure, according to the information that you will have provided us with.
  • We will take care of all the translations of your member page.
  • You will be able to update your member page (modification of photos, video, addition of an exclusive offer for our Internet users, etc...) at any time and free of charge.
  • We promote direct booking, without commission from us. A link to your ticketing or booking page will be included on your member page, which will allow users of our website to contact you directly. For stores, we can also put a link to your online shop and for restaurants to your menu for example.
  • A dogfriendly swiss member sticker will be sent to you every year, which can be used to highlight the fact that you accept dogs or that you are simply one of our partners.
  • A welcome gift will also be sent to you, dogfriendly swiss door hangers or dogfriendly swiss bowls depending on the type of structure.
  • You will have the possibility to offer special offers for free and thus highlight yourself even more by creating a promo code with us (e.g. discount on the dog surcharge for a reservation made via our website or a percentage on the order or service, etc.).
  • Our concept is simple and transparent: you pay an annual fee to be featured on our website. Renewal of membership is automatic at the beginning of each calendar year. If you wish to leave the dogfriendly swiss community, simply do not pay the new membership fee and our partnership will end.
  • You support the swiss non-profit organizations related to dogs because 10% of the membership fee is donated to one of them every year.


We are open to all your requests and feedbacks in order to find the best sustainable cohesion in our partnership. We all have the same goal, to promote you.

To know our rates or to get more information, do not hesitate to contact us at the address or click here.