Who we are

Who we are?

Hi friend, I'm Yoshi! I am a Shiba Inu who loves to travel and discover new scents. My masters, Alicia and Julien have the same passion as me… for travel therefore! 😊

During our various stays in Switzerland and abroad, they realized that it was difficult to find useful information for our organization. For example, it was rare that certain indications were clearly mentioned, such as the supplement to be paid for me in a hotel, the activities or events to be done together, or whether or not they were free on public transport.

That’s why we had the idea of creating a platform with all the information you need to organize a trip with a dog.

It didn't take long for us to understand that if we wanted to do a complete job, with reliable information, we had to focus only on Switzerland.

And who says Switzerland, says communication in several languages. It's a real challenge, but I told them that it was really essential if we were to one day claim to become THE benchmark platform in Switzerland.

As I am the brains of the family, I immediately found the ideal formula. It was necessary to highlight the establishments and infrastructures of our beautiful country, to show its hospitality and its openness in terms of reception while making life easier for thousands of people. Yep, there is in there! 😊

I also explained to my owners that a good level of knowledge usually improves the relationship and experience with your pet. Yep, I have to teach them everything ... But suddenly, they decided to give users the possibility to get some basic information about dogs.

Finally, it was also a question of proposing various activities to be done together. When we looked for so-called "family" activities on tourism or leisure sites, the dog was usually never mentioned, although I personally am clearly part of our family. I even take myself for the head of the family, but shhhuut! 😊

No, but it's true, what's the point of sharing your life with a dog if you end up leaving him at home as soon as you want to go out?! We might as well enjoy it all together! And I promise you friend, it is possible!

This is how our "dogfriendly swiss" project was born.

We now want to make it grow and we are therefore counting on you to share your ideas, comments or tips with us!

As the saying goes: "alone we go faster, together we go further".

And as I'm in a literary mood, I put you again below a little sentence that I particularly like that the French writer Montaigne said:

"The friendship of a dog is undoubtedly stronger and more constant than that of a man."

That was a smart fellow! 😊


Yoshi, Alicia and Julien