As the name suggests, this activity is simply teaching your dog to do tricks such as pawing, bringing objects, beg, sitting, etc.  So some people will wonder, what's the point of doing this? Well, first of all, because it's so cool. 😊 Personally, I love it. I learn a lot of orders while having fun and I always get great treats.

But more seriously, among other things, it allows your dog to develop his intellect, his physical abilities, his sense of play, some self-control and much more. And on your side, it also allows you to work on your patience and perseverance. 😊 Yes…because of course you can't learn all these tricks in a few minutes!

In addition to these benefits, certain tricks can be very useful, I’m thinking in particular of dog dancing. Choreography is in fact a succession of tricks. Not to mention the tricks that allow assistance dogs to help people with a disability.

So if you want to strengthen your bond with your dog by teaching him a bunch of tricks, this activity is perfect. Plus, it's suitable for everyone.

Depending on the trick, this activity will not only stimulate your dog mentally, but also physically.

In order to have a good foundation and to avoid any mistakes that could be difficult to correct, it is advisable to start this activity under the supervision of a professional dog trainer.


This activity is suitable for all breeds and all ages. However, you will have to adapt your trick to your dog's abilities. 


  • It depends on the trick you practice
  • Treats that your dog especially likes (personally I love cheese! 😊)
  • Patience of course and a positive attitude towards your four-legged friend.


All year round indoors and outdoors depending on weather conditions.


  • In a canine club
  • During introductory courses given by canine educators
  • In your garden or living room (once you've learned the basics with a professional)
  • In fact a little bit everywhere, but the difficulty can be higher depending on the distractions (once the basics are learned with a professional, the difficulty can be higher)

In summary?

  • This activity involves teaching your dog tricks.   
  • This is one of the most stimulating activities for your dog.  
  • For all dogs provided that the tour is adapted to their abilities.     
  • Activity suitable for everyone


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