Canicross originates from the Nordic countries. This activity consists of completing an itinerary marked out for a certain distance by running with your dog in a minimum amount of time. You and your dog will be connected by a shock-absorbing leash to reduce shocks. Your dog must always be in front, but you must find the pace that suits both of you. In order for your run to take place in good conditions, it is strongly recommended that your dog knows several commands: right, left, slowly, forward and stop.

So if you like to run, this activity is for you.

The canicross will give him the opportunity to exercise physically.

In order to have a good foundation and to avoid any mistakes that could be difficult to correct, it is advisable to start this activity under the supervision of a professional dog trainer.

Afterwards, you will also have the opportunity to participate in official competitions.


  • In a canine club or during introductory courses given by canine trainers. The advantage is that you will not be alone and the courses will already have been tested and approved.
  • Once you have learned the basics with a professional, you will be able to go almost anywhere, taking into account the weather conditions, safety (avoid places where there is traffic) and your pet's health (duration and speed).


  • For your dog, a harness specially designed for canine traction sports
  • For you, a belt or harness designed for canine sports
  • A shock absorbing leash (max. 2m)
  • Water, to be drunk regularly, but always in small quantities.
  • Sweets for a little comfort after the effort (pâté is not bad! 😊) and water (do not let him drink and eat too much and too fast, risk of stomach torsion


All year round depending on weather conditions


This activity is suitable for all breeds as long as your dog is healthy and has finished growing. However, you will need to adjust your speed and the length of the run according to the age and abilities of your four-legged friend.

In short?

  • You and your dog run a certain distance in a minimum amount of time.
  • If you like to run, this activity is for you.
  • Suitable for all dogs that have finished their growth.
  • Need specific equipment
  • Possibility to participate in official competitions


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