Originating from the United States, the hoopers is a derivative of agility. The goal is to have your dog run a course with several obstacles such as hoopers, tunnels, barrels, but without jumps. The difference also comes from the fact that you lead your dog from a distance at a fixed place, unlike agility.

This activity is perfect if you don't want to be too physically active or if you have mobility problems. However, your dog will need to have a good basic education because he must be able to work without a leash, even in the presence of other dogs.

The hoopers will allow him to exercise physically but also to stimulate him mentally.

In order to have a good foundation and to avoid any mistakes that could be difficult to correct, it is advisable to start this activity under the supervision of a professional dog trainer.


This activity is suitable for all breeds as long as your dog is in good health. The courses do not include jumps, so it is very suitable for puppies as well as seniors.


  • Hoopers obstacles (hoopers, tunnel, barrel, etc.)
  • Treats that your dog particularly likes (personally I love cheese! 😊)
  • Patience of course and a positive attitude towards your 4-legged friend.


All year round depending on weather conditions


  • In a canine club
  • During introductory courses given by canine educators
  • In your garden, (once you have learned the basics with a professional)

In summary?

  • Obstacle course without jumps     
  • Ideal activity if you are not athletic or if you have mobility problems.
  • Suitable for all dogs


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