Learning by imitation

Learning by imitation

Learning by imitation between individuals of the same species is something natural and has always been recognized. From the baby who learns from his parents or brothers and sisters to the animal who learns from his older congeners.

But what about learning between individuals of different species?

Dog educator Roxane Fumeaux of Déclic Canin gives us the answer:

Research shows that dogs are able to imitate humans.

Indeed, the researcher Claudia Fugazza has developed a training method. First, the master performs a trick that the dog already knows, then asks him to imitate it with the signal "Do it" followed by the signal of the behavior (e.g. "lie down"). Once the dog has learned the command, the goal is for the dog to learn new tricks directly by imitation when asked (using only the "Do it" signal).

In order to have a good foundation and to avoid any mistakes that could be difficult to correct, it is advised to start the method "Do it As I Do" with the help of a professional dog trainer.

Finally, here are some cool videos of animals imitating humans...

Enjoy! 😉

P.S.: Claudia Fugazza has published a book about this method. It is called "Do As I Do: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs". It is available in English, Italian and Spanish.