Tour of Champex

Route du Signal
1938 Champex-Lac

This nice snowshoe walk will give you the opportunity to take a little bit of height, to have a nice view on the lake of Champex. But that's not all, because you will be able to admire the Val Ferret, the Six Blanc or to see the Pierre Avoi from a new angle.

Note that this walk is possible by foot with shoes adapted to the snow (check the weather conditions with the tourist office). For the anecdote, we had planned to do it with snowshoes but this day, unfortunately, the snow was not there... 🙄 For the less experienced, hiking poles for snow or cleats can be useful.

For this itinerary, we chose to park at the free parking at Place des Forts, but there are plenty of other parking areas in the surrounding. You can also arrive by public transport, as the bus stops Champex, Le Signal or Champex, Piscine are located not far from the starting point. The start of the snowshoe trail starts just after the Alpina Hotel. From the parking, you have to go up on your left, on the Route du Signal. The way is very well indicated because, from the beginning, you will have signs in the shape of a snowshoe or pink poles that will guide you along the itinerary. After about 3km, there will be an intersection, you will have to take the road on your right (photo n° 5), where you will take the Sentier Emile Lovey. It is from this trail that you will be able to enjoy a view of the lake.

Continue for about 1km and then you will reach a mountain road (photo n° 6). At the end of this road, you will arrive in front of the parking of the Champex-Lac cable car. You will then take on your left, in the direction of the lake. Be careful with the traffic, because at the same level as the cable car, you will have to cross the road to take the Sentier du Marais which is 10 meters below on your right (photo n° 8). On this part of the route, your dog will be able to refresh itself, because you will discover a stream, and a small pond (photos n° 9). The way continues along the lake. At a moment, a sign will tell you to turn right. At the top of the trail, turn left (photo n°11) and continue to the intersection. Continue on the left road (photo n°12). This one will make you cross a part of the parcours Vita. These last 2 km are certainly the most tiring, because there are some stairs and the slope is, in some places, a little steeper than on the previous sections. At the post n° 5 of the parcours Vita, take on the right (photo n° 13). From there on, you don't have too much risk of taking the wrong way, if you keep an eye on the pink signs. At the end of the trail, you will arrive just behind the Belvedere Hotel. Keep going for a few more meters and you will find the parking place, just on your left.

General info 

Itinerary proposed by: Pays du St-Bernard

Member nearby: No

Circular Itinerary: Yes

Duration/length/height: 3h38 / 9.52 km / +454 m -454 m

Best period: Decembre-April

Public transport nearby : Yes

Parking nearby : Yes

Restaurant nearby: Yes

Stroller accessible: No

Picnic area: Yes

Bench: Yes

Didactic panel: Yes

Viewpoint: Yes

Others: This itinerary crosses one or several protected area(s).

Info for the dog

Poop bag dispenser: Yes, at several points along the way

Water (for the dog) on the way: Yes, at several points along the way

Itinerary with shaded area: Yes

Indication about the dog (signs or notices visible on site): Sign around the lake "Must keep on leash"

Other: In protected areas, dogs must be kept on a leash. 

Did you know?

This beautiful alpine lake, surrounded by vast forests and traditional wooden chalets have given this ski station the nickname of "little Swiss Canada".

What we particularly liked

The way is pretty well indicated and there are several benches along the way that allow you to admire the view or to have a little picnic break.

What we liked least

The only negative point was the snow conditions which were not very favorable for snowshoeing, even though the site indicated that the conditions were good. Maybe we should have called the tourist office before, to be sure...