Snow: not so dogfriendly

Snow: not so dogfriendly

Who says winter season, says walks in the snow. Many dogs love it (me first... 🐶). Running, jumping, rolling around in it and even eating it is so great! But be careful friend, it's not without risk if you don't take some precautions....

For dogs that tend to eat too much of it, distract them with a stick or ball, for example. In fact, eating too much snow could cause gastritis. This inflammation of the gastric mucosa (=membrane that protects the stomach) can cause vomiting and diarrhea, among other things. But that's not all... You should also remember that in most areas where traffic is allowed, the snowplow has passed through. This means that your dog will be eating a tasty mixture of snow and de-icing salt, which is quite toxic!

You should also know that de-icing salt is also harmful to your dog's paws. It can cause irritation and even lesions on his pads. But don't panic, there are several little tips to avoid these inconveniences. The first thing would be to well rinse his paws after each walk. Special lotions or balms can also be applied to the paws to create a protective layer. Otherwise, there are small boots that will protect him not only from salt but also from cold and humidity.

And when you say cold, you mean risk of getting sick, especially when you practice winter activities with him, like snowshoeing. To prevent him from getting cold, you can make him wear those famous boots mentioned above. At the end of your hike, make sure to remove all the little snowballs that have formed on his fur. Then, a good drying, a good nap in the warmth and a little extra food, these are the ingredients that will allow him to regain his strength.

It is also recommended to gradually increase the duration and intensity of your hike. Your dog's body needs to get used to making a certain effort in conditions that are unusual for him.

Finally, the last information is proposed by Dr. Capozzi of the veterinary office of La Fonderie:

Dogs also suffer from sun glare on snow. This not only causes eye problems, but also skin problems like in summer.

Well, as we say often enough... Prevention is better than cure! Now, at least, you have all the tips you need to enjoy the snow with your favorite companion. Because, after all, it's a lot of fun! 🤪