Les Mosses - Lake Lioson

Les Mosses 89
1862 Ormont-Dessous

Today, we're moving to the Vaud Alps, more precisely to Les Mosses where, from there, we'll reach Lake Lioson and its emerald-colored waters. In addition, during this itinerary, you'll be able to observe several peaks such as Pic Chaussy, Mont d’Or, Gros Van or Crête Dorchaux.

We start this walk from the Les Mosses parking lot, where the Col des Mosses bus stop is also nearby. The trail begins between the tourist office and the Relais Alpin hotel (photo n°1), following the "Lac Lioson" sign. After 150 m, you'll come to a paved road, which you should continue along. At the first contour, turn right (photo n°2) and continue for 450m to a crossroads with several junctions. Head for the road with the "Dead-end" sign (photo n°3). After a few metres, the asphalt will give way to a forest path, then you'll cross a large pasture. At the turnstile, turn right (photo n°4). Continue to the bottom of the Lioson d'en Bas parking lot and turn left (photo n°5). From here, a short climb of 215m of elevation gain over about 1km awaits you. Don't hesitate to stop and admire the various peaks on your left (photo n°6).

Once you've reached the top, start your tour of the lake from the left (photo n°7). If you feel like it, do as we do and take a picnic break. You'll have no trouble finding a spot just for yourself around the lake (photos n°8 and n°9). When you reach the restaurant again, take the small trail on your left (photo n°10). Continue on this little path for about 30min. Take the time to turn around on the way up, as you'll have a fantastic view of the lake (photo n°11), ideal for a few family selfies (photo n°12)! 😉 Once you've reached Vers les Lacs, you can, if you wish, make a short stop to observe these 3 little lakes (photo n°13) or continue your descent (photo n°14). It will take you another 30 minutes to reach the Lioson d'en Bas parking lot (photo n°15). From here, you can simply retrace your steps back to the starting point.

General info 

Itinerary proposed by: Vaud Promotion

Member nearby: No

Circular Itinerary: Yes

Duration/length/height: 3h06 / 8.61 km / +570 m -570 m

Best period: June-October

Public transport nearby : Yes

Parking nearby : Yes

Restaurant nearby: Yes

Stroller accessible: No

Picnic area: No, but you can picnic on the ground around the lake.

Bench: No

Didactic panel: No

Viewpoint: Yes

Others: After the loop around the lake, you'll take a mountain trail (white and red signs). In some cases, this may mean going through paths that are difficult to walk on (narrow, passages with chains, etc.). It is recommended to have safe feet and to be in good shape. Being aware of the dangers of the mountain is also a must (quick changes in weather, rock falls, etc.). On our walk, the possible difficulty lies in the fact that some parts of the path are stony and sometimes have a steep incline.

Info for the dog

Poop bag dispenser: Yes, at several points along the way

Water (for the dog) on the way: Yes, at several points along the way

Itinerary with shaded area: Yes, but not around the lake

Indication about the dog (signs or notices visible on site): There's a sign saying: "Protect wildlife, don't let your dog wander" with a pictogram of a dog on a leash.

Other: There are several cattle grids on the ground, so watch out for your dogs' little paws. Also, at Vers les Lacs, we came across 2 wandering mules who didn't appreciate our dog's presence, and one of them chased us. So be careful if you come across them.

Did you know?

The emerald color of Lake Lioson's waters has given it the nickname "Pearl of the Alpine Lakes". The lake is also renowned for ice diving in winter.

What we particularly liked

This walk is suitable for all levels and the lake is very pretty. If you leave directly from the Lioson d'en Bas parking lot, then return along the same path, you reduce the difficulty. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can go via Pic Chaussy (although we don't know if this path is suitable for dogs, as we haven't had the opportunity to test it).

What we liked least

Our meeting with the mules... hihi... More seriously, if we really want to be critical, perhaps more shade would be appreciated in the case of a heatwave.