Galerie Défago

Route de la Fin 46
1874 Champéry
Vaud | Switzerland
Easy level
Duration from 1h30 to 3h

This easy and original walk takes you to Champéry, where you follow a natural trail carved into the rock, in complete safety. From the Galerie Défago, you'll have a lovely view over the villages of Champéry, Val-d'Illiez and Troistorrents.

This itinerary starts from the Champéry cable car, where you can easily park free of charge (only in summer) in the parking lot just across the road, or arrive by public transport, as the Champéry bus stop is nearby. Leaving the parking lot, turn left onto Route d'Entrevayes, which is again on your left. At the bend, keep to the left (photo no.1). After 170m, you'll come to an intersection (photo no. 2), follow the road on your left (yes, again... 😅). You'll stay on this street l'Ancienne Route du Grand-Paradis for 700m. There will be several intersections, but stay on this route (photos n°3 and n°4). After 700m, turn left and pass under the tunnel (photo no. 5). At the end of this road, take the right-hand path to follow the Galerie Défago sign (photo no. 6).

This is where your ascent begins. After about ten minutes, you'll come to a crossroads. Take the path on your left (photo no. 7). Continue on this path and, just after the adventure park refreshment stand, turn right (photo no. 8). You're off for a 1km walk, including just over 600m through the Galerie Défago. Enjoy the scenery, but be careful - you'll have to crouch down a few times to avoid hitting your head. 😋

Once out of the forest, continue on your right (photo no. 12). There's a restaurant nearby where you can take a break, and this is also where the tourist train leaves for the descent. For us, the descent will be on foot, continuing along this road for about 1km. Be careful, as the route is busy with cars and there are no sidewalks. At the crossroads, turn right (photo no. 13). After about 3min, you can either continue on an uphill path, or on a downhill one, choose the latter (photo no. 14). 240m further on, you'll come to the intersection you've already seen on the way up. Stay on this path, continuing on your left (photo no. 15). From here, you can simply retrace your steps to reach your starting point.

General info 

Itinerary proposed by: Région Dents du Midi

Member nearby: Hôtel National Resort & Spa

Circular Itinerary: Yes

Duration/length/height: 1h53 / 5.77 km / +395 m -395 m

Best period: April-October

Public transport nearby : Yes

Parking nearby : Yes

Restaurant nearby: Yes

Stroller accessible: No

Picnic area: No

Bench: Yes

Didactic panel: No

Viewpoint: Yes


Possibility of taking a free tourist train for the descent (dogs allowed). The gallery is closed in winter.

Info for the dog

Poop bag dispenser: Yes, at several points along the way

Water (for the dog) on the way: Yes, but extremely limited, as there's only one fountain just before you go under the tunnel.

Itinerary with shaded area: Yes, at several points along the way. If you hike in the morning, you'll have more shade than in the afternoon.

Indication about the dog (signs or notices visible on site): Right at the start of the gallery trail, there's a “Respect wildlife” sign asking you to keep your dog on a leash.

Other: There are about thirty grating steps. So watch out for your pets' little paws!

Did you know?

The gallery takes its name from its creator, Emmanuel Défago. This visionary had the idea of creating access to this cliff to offer a tourist attraction to guests in the village of Champéry. The gallery was inaugurated in 1864.

What we particularly liked

The possibility of eating at the summit is a real plus, and the idea of being able to take the little tourist train back down is really cool.

What we liked least

We'd have liked to try out the little train ride, but there's not much choice of departure times.