In winter, my dog wears a coat.

Our first news "Did you know? "is a seasonal news because we are going to talk to you about the wearing of coats by dogs. You may be thinking: "Hum...That's all you need…! "Yes, I know you. 😉

So yes... it's true that, for some people, it's mainly the aesthetic side that interests them. It is therefore quite legitimate to ask the question: is it really useful?

The answer below was proposed by Dr. Capozzi from the veterinary office “La Fonderie”:

Lean and shorthaired dogs need a coat to go out in winter. Also, note that puppies, older dogs or small dogs may be more prone to the cold. The most common symptoms of cold weather in dogs are trembling and a certain reluctance to go for a walk.

Chien manteau

Yes, even dogs can catch cold! Especially when the temperatures are below zero. So if you don't want to invest in a coat, try to go for short but longer walks. And if you want to try the coat, here are a few tips:

  • Ideally, he should try it out because it must be the right size. Too small, the dog will not be comfortable and too big, the coat will not be effective.
  • Think of the practical side with a coat that is easy to put on and easy to care for.
  • Last but not least: give your dog time to get used to it, in a progressive and positive way of course! 😊