New page - Conditions of public transport in Switzerland

Condition de transports publics

Do you want to visit Switzerland by public transport? With the whole family, including your favorite four-legged animal? Of course it's possible... 😊

While in some countries the wearing of muzzles is mandatory on all public transport, in Switzerland we can be proud of our transport companies because they are relatively "dogfriendly"!

So, you may wonder in which ones your dog doesn't pay any extra? Or how can you pay less if you decide to take more than one public transport?

Well, don't look any further! You''ll find all the information you need on our Conditions of public transport page!

And don't forget that you''ll also find travel tips, accommodations and activities that accept dogs and much more on our website!

Have a nice trip!

Yoshi, Alicia and Julien 😉